Phyn Smart Water Sensor
Phyn Smart Water Sensor
Phyn Smart Water Sensor
Phyn Smart Water Sensor
Phyn Smart Water Sensor
Phyn Smart Water Sensor


Smart Water Sensor

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Don’t ever worry about leaks or floods in your basement, under your sinks, from your water heater or anywhere else in the house. The Phyn Smart Water Sensor alerts you audibly, visually and with SMS and app notifications the moment it comes in contact with water. You can also set custom alert thresholds for potentially damaging high and low humidity and temperature in the free Phyn app.

What’s in the box

Phyn Smart Water Sensor and its packaging


They Phyn Smart Water Sensor Manual


Two AA batteries

2 x AA Batteries

A Phyn water sensor sitting on a kitchen counter

“...a solid choice for a standalone water detector.”

- PCMag

An overhead shot of the Phyn Smart Water Sensor

Flood & Leak Alerts

Phyn Water Sensors are engineered to provide fast, early detection alerts when a leak starts or weather conditions push water into the home. The moment water touches the metal probes at the base of the Sensors, a notification is sent directly to your phone, the device starts flashing, and an audible alarm is triggered. Phyn Water Sensors are your first line of defense against water and environmental damage.

Tech Specs

Phy Smart Water Sensor tech specs
A Phyn Smart Water Sensor on a surface.
Home with wifi iconWorks with Wi-Fi. No additional hubs required. An icon of a clock and a battery indicating a long lasting battery.Up to 2-year battery life*. (Batteries included) Phyn App iconEasy set up with the free Phyn App. No subscriptions.


No, the Smart Water Sensors operate independently. If you have other Phyn products, they are compatible.

You will be notified with a flashing LED light on the product, a loud audible alarm, as well as an SMS and/or an app notification to your phone.

Yes, you can set up the product in the Phyn app to alert you if the ambient humidity gets higher or lower than your setting. Low temperature can be customized as well.

No, there is no subscription.

You can add as many as 3 Sensor Cables (12 feet) to the Smart Water Sensor, or you can add up to 2 Sensor Cables and 1 Extension Node.

Yes, unlike other water sensor products, the Phyn Smart Water Sensor continues to act as a water detector even if you plug in an accessory, essentially doubling your water monitoring capability.

If any part of the Sensor Cable comes into contact with water, you will be alerted, making it perfect for larger areas of concern. For the Extension Node, If the disc at the end comes into contact with water, you will be alerted. The Extension Node is great for sliding under appliances and hard to reach places.

Yes, you can set the products to work together in the Phyn app

Both the Extension Node and Sensor Cable are 4′ long

There is up to a 2-year battery life of the Phyn Smart Water Sensor. There are settings in the app to help you maximize the battery life expectancy.

The Extension Node and Sensor Cable are not required to operate the Phyn Smart Water Sensor. They are optional accessories that you can purchase to increase the area that you would like to protect from water.