Phyn Smart Water Assistant
Phyn Smart Water Assistant
Phyn Smart Water Assistant
Phyn Smart Water Assistant
Phyn Smart Water Assistant
Phyn Smart Water Assistant


Smart Water Assistant

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The self-installed water monitor that goes under a single sink, immediately notifies you if a leak is detected anywhere in your home, and provides detailed insights into how each fixture in your home uses water.

Important: Adapters not included. Depending on your plumbing, a 1″ Female NPSM to male NPT adapter matching your plumbing’s pipe size may be needed. Please consult your plumber before installation. Phyn Plus has 1″ NPSM male threaded ends.

What’s in the box

The Phyn Smart Water Assistant and its box

Phyn Smart Water Assistant

3/8” Pressure Sensors

3/8” Pressure Sensors

Power Adapter &  Mounting Screws

Power Adapter & Mounting Screws

Adhesive Tape

Adhesive Tape

Phyn in Action

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Water Use Comparison

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Leak Detection Two Ways

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How To Train Your Phyn

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It's Easy To Install Phyn

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“Phyn Smart Water Assistant can do something that other smart water monitors cannot: it can monitor your hot and cold water lines individually”

-Android Center

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One device. Whole home protection.

Discreet but powerful, Phyn monitors your entire home from one under-the-sink location. Easily install under any sink with hot/cold water lines and a power outlet.

One device. Whole home protection.
The Phyn Smart Water Assistant installed under the sink.

Easy self-install

No plumber necessary. Turn off the water under your sink, unthread the hot and cold water hoses from the supply lines and insert Phyn’s sensors. Connect the device to Wi-Fi and you are good to go.

See for yourself
Phyn's display screen showing on an iphone resting on a surface next to a bluetooth speaker.

Phyn plays well with others

Phyn works seamlessly with Amazon Alexa and GoogleAssistant. And with IFTTT you can have Phyn trigger actions with other smart home products.

Tech Specs

Tech specs for the Plus Smart Water Assistant with Shutoff V2 Tech specs for the Plus Smart Water Assistant with Shutoff V2


Some multi-family dwellings that have individual plumbing lines and meters for each unit are compatible with Phyn. Typically a Pressure Regulating Valve (PRV) will also need to be installed in each unit. If you have questions about whether your home will work with Phyn, contact us at 877.749.6792.

Absolutely! There are many homes with wells that are using Phyn Smart Water Assistant

Phyn alerts of leaks and other plumbing issues via SMS and push notification from the Phyn app, available for iOS and Android devices.

Phyn Smart Water Assistant will detect leaks in your water delivery system such as pipe bursts, toilet flapper leaks, and leaks in supply-line hoses to clothes and dishwashers. Phyn will also alert you if your water has been running longer than normal. Using the “Plumbing Check” feature, Phyn Smart Water Assistant can find tiny drip leaks and pinhole leaks. Phyn will not catch roof leaks and leaks or stoppages in outflow lines (e.g. a clogged sink or sewer line).

Phyn works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT (If This Then That).

Plumbing Check is a diagnostic test that you can run at any time to find tiny drip leaks and pinhole leaks in your plumbing system. In order to run a Plumbing Check with Phyn Smart Water Assistant, you must turn off your water at the main, go into the Phyn app and initiate a Plumbing Check test. These typically last 2-5 minutes and return results as soon as the test is completed.

Phyn Smart Water Assistant learns each of your home’s fixtures over time. It applies the knowledge of the tens of millions of water events it has seen in the past to understand the usage in your home. But sometimes, it doesn’t understand a particular fixture and may label it incorrectly. To teach Phyn, you can re-label the event and help it correct itself. The more you label events, the more accurate Phyn will be for you in reporting water usage.

When a leak or abnormal usage happens and you get an alert, Phyn Smart Water Assistant gives you the option to contact a plumber within minutes from the Phyn app through our partnership with HomeAdvisor.

Pressure Reducing Valves are a bell shaped device on the main water line that controls the pressure of the water going into your home. PRVs protect your home from high pressure spikes that can wear out your pipes and damage fixtures over time. Some municipalities require PRVs by code, and others do not. We recommend that everyone get a PRV in order to elongate the lifespan of their plumbing. If you do not have a PRV, Phyn will take much longer to become accurate at detecting leaks and identifying fixtures correctly. In the meantime, you will be able to use Phyn’s Plumbing Check feature to detect leaks manually.

You can use IFTTT (If This Then That) to connect Phyn to Homekit