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Building the most intelligent water systems

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Smart Faucet

Turn the tap on automatically when the tempature drops

Phyn assistant under the sink

Water usage trends for every fixture in the home

Water Softener

Understand the relationship between your health and softener better

Phyn Plus

Send water data to the cloud for advanced integrations

Water Softener

Understand the relationship between your health and softener better

Phynn sensor in Garage or Basement

Use near-real time data to signal other home systems

Powered by Phyn

Phyn has partnered with premier companies to create a seamless smart home experience with Phyn AI and technology powering the modern smart home.

Key partners

Kohler logo


When Kohler was developing their smart water system, they identified Phyn as the leader with the most advanced AI in the industry. Their Powered by Phyn partnership created the H2wise line of products with the intelligence of Phyn for real-time actions with their other smart fixtures.

Ecowater Systems

Ecowater systems

For over 7 years, Ecowater Systems explored creating their own leak detection system before they determined partnering with Phyn would create the best experience for their customers.

Elan Logo


When Elan determines smart home partners to include on their platform they limit it to best-in-class companies. They identified Phyn as a much needed integration for their customers and app growth.


When Alarm.com search for partnerships they put security and customer safety at the forefront of their evaluation process. After extensive vetting and research they determined Phyn to be a key partner to safely help grow their smart home services with a direct in-app integration.

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