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Building Value

Including Phyn on your next build gives it added value unmatched by any other smart tech and protects your investment for years. Phyn also helps prevent costly mistakes during the build and saves the property from catastrophe in the future.

Become a Phyn Partner to learn how you can save big on your next project while adding lasting value.

Premium Protection

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It’s impossible to predict the future, but water has become more costly and scarce every year. The first significant step in reversing this trend is understanding water usage with Phyn’s patented technology. Learn how much water is saved with anew efficient appliance or fixture, discover excess usage due to hidden leaks and stop catastrophic loss. Phyn helps property managers become better global citizens by protecting our most resources, future proofing their properties, and keeping the budget in line.

A Phyn Plus installed outside a house.

Protecting your Investment

Phyn’s advanced AI systems can monitor humidity, air temperature, water temperature, and water pressure to provide a whole property monitoring system for early detection. A full suite of products offers complete insights into the plumbing system and the environment in critical spaces. Become a partner to develop a customized plan to protect your property and identify potential savings.

Something Special

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Built to last

Manufactured by Badger Meter, headquarter inWisconsin, USA, to the highest safety and quality standards. Phyn technology is tested at a military-level for heat, cold and humidity. Phyn is built to last for years to come.

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Highly-Rated App

The Phyn app is consistently rated 5-stars for its ease of use and detailed water usage metrics.Property managers also love adding up to 6properties in the app and even more with the dashboard.

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Enterprise Dashboard

Monitor multiple properties all at once with the Phyn Dashboard! Garner deep insights on water usage to identify areas of savings. Protect your buildings with the alert status screen to track minor issues before they become a considerable expense.

Start Offering Phyn

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