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Phyn for your business

Phyn catches all types of leaks

Icon representing toilet leak

Toilet flapper leaks

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Supply line leaks

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Supply line leaks

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Catastrophic Burts

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Frozen pipes

Pinhole leaks

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Unusual usage

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Irrigation leaks

Screenshot of the Phyn dashboard

Phyn Dashboard

View and manage multiple Phyn Plus devices across your entire portfolio in one easy to use web portal. Get access to advanced data and analytics to make better decisions about water in your properties.

Screenshot of the Phyn dashboard


Easily view the status of your entire portfolio by magnitude of issue, and proactively manage areas of concern.

Screenshot of the Phyn dashboard

Water Use

View water usage across property types by day, hour, week or month. Compare how similar assets use water and how water pressure variances are affecting overall use. Export your usage data to share and analyze.

Screenshot of the Phyn dashboard

Property details

See active and historical alerts for each property, view consumption and pressure variances by time range and turn off water remotely.

The Phyn Plus

Meet Phyn Plus

The connected, whole home leak detection monitor with an automatic water shutoff that really works. Phyn Plus protects your home from leaks, diagnoses issues with your plumbing and gives you powerful insights into how you use water.

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Meet Phyn Plus

Phyn Plus is the only connected water monitor to offer an ultrasonic flow sensor, exclusively built by Badger Meter, with no moving parts, ensuring accuracy and durability over the long haul. Other water monitors use turbine flow sensors with rotating discs that are less accurate, and often degrade over time or can get stuck by debris or buildup.

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