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Phyn Plus Installation

We recommend that Phyn Plus be installed by a licensed plumber. We can help you find installers that are trained to install the device, or you can hire your own plumber.

See What To Expect (2nd Gen)

Make sure Phyn Plus is right for your home

Phyn Plus works in almost any home, but before you purchase, let’s check to make sure it will work in yours:

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Home Type

Do you live in a single family home, condo or townhome that is individually plumbed? Phyn Plus is not intended for multi-unit apartment buildings.

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Pipe Size

Is your main water supply line 1 1/4” or smaller? Most homes fit this requirement.

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Wifi Signal

Do you have wifi at the point of installation, near where the water enters your home? Range extenders can typically provide enough signal strength.

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Power Outlet

Do you have a power outlet within 15 feet of where the water enters your home? We recommend that it be GFCI.

Partner with a Pro

We have partnered with select local plumbers to provide installation of Phyn Plus.

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Installation Resources

Having your own plumber install Phyn Plus for you? Not a problem. Here is all they need to know to complete the job. Our installation support team is on stand by if you need assistance.

Phyn Plus (2nd Gen)

Installation Video Download Installation Manual

Phyn Plus (1st Gen)

Installation Video Download Installation Manual

Note: pipe fitting adapters are not included. Please see Installation Manual for more info.


Installation typically takes one to two hours, and depends on the location of your main water supply.

We recommend that you use a licensed plumber to install Phyn Plus. The main water line to your home will be cut where Phyn Plus is installed. You can also use your own licensed plumber.

Yes, you can use your own plumber to install Phyn Plus. We have included instructions that you can give to them in the Phyn Plus box. They must follow these instructions carefully to ensure proper installation.

The maximum working pressure is 125 PSI.

Yes. You will need an electrical outlet within 12 feet of where the device is installed (we recommend a GFCI equipped outlet). Phyn Plus (2nd Gen) comes with a 12-foot power cord.

Phyn Plus has a 1″ NPSM male threaded end on both sides of the device, compatible with 3/4″ water meter fittings.

If you have a fire sprinkler system that is standalone and is on its own branch of pipes (not integrated into the same pipes that deliver water to your fixtures) then Phyn Plus can be installed as long as it is placed after where your sprinkler line branches off. Phyn Plus should not be installed where it will interfere with your fire sprinkler operation.

Phyn Plus is installed on the water main – your plumber will need to cut the pipe to insert it “in-line”. It will be located after your existing shutoff valve and before your plumbing splits off to fixtures or your water heater. Whatever comes “after” Phyn Plus will be monitored for leaks and water use.

Phyn Plus must go after your PRV. If you don’t have a PRV, don’t worry, you don’t need one for Phyn Plus to work.

Typically, irrigation systems are before the PRV, so they can access a higher pressure. If you don’t have a PRV, go ahead and place Phyn Plus before the irrigation or route the main to pick up the irrigation after Phyn Plus. If you do have a PRV, we do not recommend routing pipes so that your irrigation is after the PRV. If you do this, your irrigation could experience a noticeable loss in pressure.

No! Do not solder connections while they are attached to Phyn Plus. This can overheat the electrical components causing them to fail and this will void your warranty.

Absolutely! Phyn Plus has been installed on many homes with wells.

We recommend that Phyn Plus be installed on pipes less than 1 ¼”. Larger pipe diameters may cause the water pressure to be noticeably reduced.

You can reach our installation support team at +1 (877) 749-6792 during normal business hours, Pacific Time.