The Phyn XL 2”

Phyn XL 2”

Leak detection and water monitoring designed for commercial properties with 2” main pipes. Monitor and manage water use to reduce costs and protect your property from leaks. Optional shutoff valve further mitigates losses from water damage.

In Development

The Phyn XL
Closeup detail of the Phyn XL

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Technical Specs

Fitting Size

2” Female NPT threaded end connections


Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n @2.4Ghz
External antenna port (antenna not included)


100/240 internal power supply
15” outdoor rated power cable

Flow meter

Ultrasonic flow meter custom built by Badger Meter

Shutoff Valve (optional)

Full bore construction
Electronic for remote control
Custom designed manual water shutoff override tool

Property Management

6 properties in Free Phyn App (iOS10+, Android 7+)
Unlimited with Phyn Dashboard

Closeup detail of the Phyn XL