A Phyn Device

The Phyn Plus Difference

Built to last

When you get your Phyn Plus, you’ll immediately notice its solid construction. The device has been tested to military standards for heat, cold and humidity to withstand the elements. A unique one-way GORE-TEX(R) vent prevents condensation, and internal mechanisms are protected by a heavy-duty aluminum housing.

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Badger Meter employees at work

Made by the best

The water your family drinks and bathes in flows through Phyn Plus, so we found a manufacturing partner that takes your water as seriously as we do. Our Milwaukee, Wisconsin based partner, Badger Meter, has been making residential utility water meters for over a century. They constructed Phyn Plus to the same rigorous standards as the water meters that are already in millions of homes across the U.S.

Phyn Plus relies on an in-line ultrasonic flow meter

Ultrasonic flow sensor

Phyn Plus relies on an in-line ultrasonic flow meter custom-built by Badger Meter. Unlike turbine or magnetic flow sensors, ultrasonic has no moving parts that could wear down over time or get blocked by particles and other matter. Ultrasonic is also more accurate at both high and low flow.

Water pouring out of a kitchen faucet with a graphic chart overlaid

True pressure sensing, fewer false alerts

Phyn has studied how to use pressure to differentiate types of water flow to reduce the likelihood of false alerts for over 10 years. Others claim to use pressure, but only for discrete moments in time, a few times a day. They primarily use water flow to identify larger leaks – which can easily confuse a pool filling, irrigation, or multiple sources of water running at once for a leak.

No subscription fees

At Phyn, we believe that your data is yours. We don’t charge you a fee to access your water use data. In fact, we are constantly improving upon the insights into your water use so you can conserve – at no cost. We think you shouldn’t have to pay a monthly subscription to help save our water. You’ve already done enough by letting Phyn Plus into your home.

A cracked pipe leaking water

Frozen pipe warnings

When your pipes start to freeze, the water pressure slowly rises as ice crystals begin to form. Phyn sees this build-up of pressure and gives you time to warm up your home and pipes, so you never reach the point of a pipe bursting. Other leak detectors use built-in temperature sensors to tell you the water is cold where the device is located, often in a utility closet or basement that may be warmer than an exposed pipe on the other side of your home.

Belkin headquarters

Backed by global leaders

Phyn is owned by Belkin International (Belkin, Linksys and Wemo), a trusted consumer technology leader in networking and smart home with connected products in over a hundred million homes. The companies spent over 10 years and millions of dollars in R&D to develop Phyn Plus before it came to market.