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Make sure Phyn Plus is right for my client

Phyn Plus works in almost any home, but before you schedule installation, ensure it meets the minimum requirements.

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Home Type

Do you live in a single family home, condo or townhome that is individually plumbed?

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Pipe Size

Is your main water supply line1 1/4” or smaller? Most homes fit this requirement.

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Wifi Signal

Do you have astrong wifi at the point of installation, near where the water enters your home? Range extenders can typically provide enough signal strength.

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Power Outlet

Do you have a power outlet within 11 feetof where the water enters your home? We recommend that it be GFCI.

Ecowater next to a Phyn device.

Installation Resources

Before installing, please ensure your site is ready with power within 11 ft, a strong Wi-Fi signal, and you have the correct fittings.

Phyn Plus (2nd Gen)

Click to Play Video Installation Warning Sheet Download Installation Manual

Note: pipe fitting adapters are not included. Please see Installation Manual for more info.

NPS Fittings resources

3/4″ are available from Home Depot, Uponor, and Hajoca.

1″ are available from Uponor, Ferguson Waterworks Division and Ford Meter Box.

Ecowater Priority Support

Please review our Help Center for immediate solutions to most technical or installation questions first.

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