Showcase Awards

Phyn is proud to present the prestigious Showcase Dealer Award for those who dare to redefine the marketing landscape. This accolade celebrates Dealers with the creative drive to innovate groundbreaking, attention-grabbing, and results-driven sales strategies that “Wow!“. As our inaugural winner, you’ll enjoy the spotlight and recognition that comes with being a maverick! The winner will be featured prominently in Phyn’s media and campaigns, valued at over $40,000 USD.

Cash Prizes

Top Installer

The Dealer(s) with the most units installed at each tier will receive equal portions
of the Top Installer cash prize.

Cash Drawing

One Dealer will be drawn from each tier by total units installed.

Contest Rules

Showcase Awards

Every dealer in good standing with EcoWater (EW) is eligible. Total sales of Phyn products will not determine the winner. Creativity and innovation resulting in measurable results and added intangible value will be the core criteria.

The Ecowater Corporate team and Phyn will choose a winner by committee. The winner will be formally announced at the 2024 dealer conference. Ecowater and Phyn reserve the right to change, modify, or end this program at any time. This award does not constitute an endorsement by Ecowater or Phyn

Cash Prizes

GENERAL CASH PRIZE RULES - Phyn Plus V2 installed from November 1, 2023 to January 31st, 2023, will count toward a Dealer's total units installed. The units must be online and installed at a customer's residence or business by the Dealer to count toward the total. Dealers can only qualify for 1 tier. Dealers will qualify for the highest achieved tier. Winners may receive a cash prize or choose to redeem a prize for Phyn products equal to the cash value. Dealers must be compliant with UMAP policy. Dealers must be in good standing with EcoWater to qualify for the contest. These award does not constitute an endorsement by Phyn or Ecowater. Phyn and Ecowater reserve the right to change, modify, or end this program any time.

CASH DRAWING - Drawing will take place during the 2024 EcoWater Dealer Convention. There will only be one winner per tier.

TOP INSTALLER - The Top Installers will be announced at the 2024 EcoWater Dealer Convention. The Dealer with the most Phyn Plus V2 units installed in each tier will win the Top Installer prize. There can be multiple winners for each tier. In the event there are multiple winners, then the cash prize will be divided equally among all the winners.