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Protect your home from leaks, conserve water and save money.

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Meet Phyn Plus (2nd Gen)

The connected, whole home leak detection monitor with an automatic water shutoff that really works. Phyn Plus protects your home from leaks, diagnoses issues with your plumbing and gives you powerful insight into how you use water.

Stop worrying about hidden water leaks.

Phyn Plus alerts you to all types of leaks and stops them before they become expensive problems – from pinhole and drip leaks happening behind your walls to frozen pipe bursts in your attic.

Unparalleled water insights.

With Phyn Plus, you get the information you need to make better choices about your water use, spot usage trends and view a daily breakdown of how much your irrigation, showers, sinks and more are using.

Get more life out of your plumbing.

A healthy plumbing system means fewer leaks, less water wasted and more money saved. With daily “Plumbing Checks”, Phyn Plus gives you and your plumber the diagnostic tools to better maintain your plumbing and keep your home watertight.

Pinhole Leaks

Pipes can erode over time, causing tiny unseen leaks. Phyn’s high-definition pressure sensing captures these leaks and notifies you before they become a bigger issue.

Water left on

Overflowing bathtubs, running faucets, and open spigots are just a few of the common ways we waste water. Phyn detects them all, and will send you an alert if you overlook something.

Toilet flapper leaks

Worn-out flapper valves that allow toilets to run continuously can waste thousands of gallons a day, and add hundreds of dollars to your water bill.

Frozen pipe bursts

When the temperature drops, the water in your pipes can begin to freeze, causing pressure to build. Phyn alerts you to these conditions before they lead to a burst pipe.

Drip leaks

Phyn’s daily Plumbing Checks catch even the tiniest drip leaks from shower heads, faucets, and sprinklers to ensure your home’s plumbing system is watertight.

Washer hose leaks

Many washing machines use flexible rubber hoses that are under constant pressure. If a washer hose bursts, Phyn Plus’ automatic shutoff prevents major water damage.

Monitor your water, from anywhere

Auto Shutoff mitigates damage

Once Phyn learns your fixtures, it automatically shuts off your water in event of a leak.

Get alerted to leaks

SMS and notification sent directly to your phone when Phyn Plus detects a leak.

Turn off your tap, with a tap

Control your home’s water shutoff from anywhere.

Diagnostic “Plumbing Checks”

Daily tests report on pressure irregularities and tiny leaks.

Watch your water use

See how much water you use monthly, weekly, daily and hourly.

Monitor multiple properties

Easily manage leak alerts and see water usage for up to six properties.

Water usage insights

See how much water is used by your showers, toilets, irrigation and more.

Frozen pipe detection

Early warning alerts before your pipes freeze.

One device. Whole home protection.

Other water monitors require you to place multiple sensors around the home where you think leaks are likely to occur. One Phyn Plus in a single location is all you need to monitor your entire home’s water system for leaks.

Indoors or out, Phyn Plus (2nd Gen) is built to last

Developed to withstand harsh winters and desert summers. Phyn went above and beyond to ensure that Phyn Plus is the most durable and reliable water monitoring solution available.

See How Phyn Was Built to Last