Phyn Plus, the Most Accurate Whole Home Leak Detector and Water Monitor, Gets Smaller, Lighter and More Affordable

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LOS ANGELES – Nov. 1, 2021 – Phyn, the leader in intelligent water solutions, today announced the second generation Phyn Plus, Smart Water Assistant + Shutoff, featuring a slimmer design and lower MSRP at just $499. The new Phyn Plus is re-engineered to be more affordable and 25% smaller, including a more compact power supply and redesigned enclosure to reduce size and volume for installation in tight spaces. The new Phyn Plus retains all of the powerful performance capabilities of the award winning original Phyn Plus. 

“The new iteration of the Phyn Plus is better in so many ways – smaller, lighter and more affordable, empowering more consumers to protect their homes against the devastation of water damage” said Ryan Kim, CEO of Phyn. “We re-engineered the device to incorporate the top requested features from the Phyn community of users across homeowners and trade professionals making it more economical and easier to install.”

With people working from home now more than ever, the increased water usage results in more wear and tear on a home’s plumbing system. Installed on a single location on the main water line, Phyn Plus protects and monitors a property’s entire plumbing system by automatically detecting all types of leaks and stopping them before they become expensive problems – from pinhole and drip leaks to frozen pipe bursts. The device also pairs with Phyn’s new Smart Water Sensor, a puck-size leak detector for high-risk areas that can activate the shutoff valve when it comes into contact with water. 


The new Phyn Plus is $499 MSRP and available now on,,, and Rebates are also available through insurance providers and utilities including the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Southern Nevada Water Authority, San Antonio Water System and Orlando Utilities Commission among others.

Key features of Phyn Plus (2nd Gen):

  • Optimized – new product enclosure is lighter and 25% smaller for flexibility in any home environment, indoor or outdoor.
  • Automatic and Remote Water Shutoff – real-time mobile notifications alert homeowners to potential leaks and issues including frozen pipes, and give them the ability to turn off their water remotely using the Phyn app. Phyn can also turn off water automatically in the event of a catastrophic leak, protecting homeowners from costly damage.
  • Water Consumption – users can not only track their water usage by month, day, hour or even in real-time, but also identify water consumption trends and compare usage by fixture types.
  • Plumbing Checks – in addition to constantly watching for leaks, Phyn runs daily preventative “Plumbing Checks” to catch tiny leaks and pressure irregularities before they become larger issues.
  • Smart Home Integrations – Phyn works seamlessly with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. And with IFTTT you can have Phyn trigger actions with other smart home products.
  • Phyn App & Phyn Dashboard – works with free Phyn app with no subscriptions required. For commercial properties, Phyn Plus also works with the Phyn Dashboard, a web-based portal that allows builders, homeowners associations, insurance providers, utilities and more to understand water use, mitigate losses from leaks by shutting off water remotely, and address water conservation and sustainability mandates across their portfolios.

About Phyn

Phyn is the leading intelligent water brand, bringing solutions to market that help people protect their homes, conserve water and save money. Built upon nearly a decade of research and patented technological innovation, Phyn is poised to change the way consumers interact with water and help solve the major challenges threatening the world’s supply of clean, healthy water. Phyn has been widely recognized for its innovation, including honors from the Red Dot Awards, SXSW Innovation Awards, Core 77 Design Awards, IoT World Awards, CES Innovation Awards and GreenBuilder’s Sustainability Awards among others. To learn more, visit