EcoWater Partners with Phyn for Leak Detection

PHOENIX – March 1, 2023  Phyn, the leader in intelligent water solutions, today announced an exclusive partnership with EcoWater Systems®, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of water softeners, to offer Phyn’s award-winning smart water monitoring solutions to EcoWater’s extensive North American dealer network. The first-of-its-kind partnership was announced today at the annual EcoWater Systems Dealer Convention in Phoenix. 

With the most advanced and innovative technologies on the market, EcoWater and Phyn have a shared vision in providing the best-in-class water treatment and monitoring solutions for the home. From optimizing water quality for your family to preventing leaks, the overall health and wellness of a home’s water system is interconnected. As an industry-first partnership, EcoWater and Phyn help solve many of the water challenges facing homeowners today and together will unlock new solutions to address these challenges in a more meaningful and integrated way. 

“We’re thrilled about the Phyn partnership and see it as a perfect complement to the solutions that our EcoWater Dealerships have to offer,” said Keith Johnson, Vice President of Product Management at EcoWater Systems. “There has been an increasing demand for smart plumbing devices from both dealers and consumers, to detect leaks and prevent plumbing issues, and we are glad to be able to add Phyn’s best-in-class technology to our exclusive product suite.”

“EcoWater has long been a champion of making water cleaner and safer through advanced water solutions,” added Ryan Kim, CEO of Phyn. “We look forward to building a long-term relationship based on our natural synergies and shared pursuit of innovations that conserve and protect water, our most precious natural resource.”

Peace of Mind and Money Savings

Homeowners will now have a suite of product options that both protect against water-related damages and enhance their home’s water in one integrated water solution. Combined, they can potentially lower their insurance costs up to 15% with a Phyn product, while saving money on hard water related costs by prolonging the lifespan of water-using appliances, soaps, and detergents.

Phyn’s Groundbreaking Technology

Phyn’s industry-leading, AI-powered leak detection technology measures and analyzes microscopic changes in water pressure – 240 times every second – to learn and categorize each water fixture in a home. This unparalleled view into a home’s plumbing system allows Phyn to alert homeowners the second a leak is detected, mitigating costly water damage. From drip leaks to catastrophic pipe bursts and everything in between, Phyn monitors a home 24/7 and gives homeowners the tools to ensure that their home is watertight.

Phyn Solutions for EcoWater 

  • Phyn Plus – Professionally installed onto the main water line, Phyn Plus is a powerful smart water monitor that protects families and their homes from leak damage with unmatched accuracy and reliability and provides detailed insights into water use to help conserve and save. In the case of a catastrophic leak, Phyn Plus will automatically shut off the water to mitigate costly damage. 
  • Phyn Smart Water Sensor – The Phyn Smart Water Sensor safeguards homes against water damage by detecting leaks, changes in temperatures and potentially damaging humidity levels. The puck-sized sensor alerts users audibly, visually and with SMS and app notifications the moment it comes in contact with moisture, and when coupled with Phyn Plus can automatically shut off the water remotely.
  • Phyn Enterprise Dashboard  A web-based portal to monitor and manage multiple properties with Phyn devices. The platform enables users to proactively repair plumbing issues, turn off the water remotely, and address increases in water costs.

The Phyn Plus and Phyn Smart Water Sensor are available now for pre-order and will be launching in the U.S. and Canada through EcoWater dealers soon.

About Phyn

Phyn is the leading intelligent water brand, bringing solutions to market that help people protect their homes, conserve water and save money. Built upon nearly a decade of research and patented technological innovation, Phyn is poised to change the way consumers interact with water and help solve the major challenges threatening the world’s supply of clean, healthy water. Phyn has been widely recognized for its innovation, including honors from the Red Dot Awards, SXSW Innovation Awards, Core 77 Design Awards, IoT World Awards, CES Innovation Awards and GreenBuilder’s Sustainability Awards among others. To learn more, visit

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Founded in 1925, EcoWater (a Marmon, Berkshire Hathaway company) is one of the largest manufacturers of home water treatment system. The company offers a wide range of water treatment products to enhance life’s most precious resource, and deliver your water, perfected. EcoWater solutions are sold under the EcoWater name through an extensive international dealer network. For more information, visit:

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